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In Christian tradition, Easter brings an end to the Lenten fast with a series of rich dishes. Lamb commemorates the sacrifice and resurrection of Christ and is served as the main course, either as a leg of lamb or in a roast or stew. Other food such as decorated eggs, chocolate rabbits and bells have been introduced into Easter celebrations over time. Their origins lie in various tales from pagan mythology.
The Alimentarium is still open (on the Web)!
There’s nothing better than a touch of culture to lift your spirits. The Alimentarium’s online resources are at your fingertips! Digitalised objects from our collection, a compendium of fact files, magazine articles, videos, courses and fun games: A great opportunity to broaden your horizons!
We’re open
The museum is closed
The Alimentarium is temporarily closed
The Alimentarium is a place of exchange and encounters, hence the health of our visitors is of prime importance for us. In line with the canton of Vaud’s directives, the Museum will be closed until further notice. Thank you for your understanding. If we confront this pandemic together and individually, we stand a better chance of curbing it!
The food we love to hate
It’s all about food we abhor. To help us understand this emotion, we need your input! We would like to collect your stories.
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Our Magazine is jam-packed with food-related articles and videos. Science, history, society, nutrition...

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I am popular around the world, children’s favourite ‘vegetable’ and a guilty pleasure for many adults. I am golden and slender. What am I?
Their worldwide success niggles the Belgians, doctors, and gastronomists
What the Fork ?!

In this episode, Philippe Ligron goes fishing on Lake Geneva and explains the secrets of his recipe for a mighty marinade.

3 min 48
Put the organs in the right place so that food can be digested, and win as many points as you can.
Eggs and cholesterol
Eggs were long considered as perfect food, particularly for the quality of their protein. However, they declined in popularity in the 1980s when it was discovered that...