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About the Foundation
Annual theme
The faces behind food
Precision, stamina, creativity... just some of the demands of jobs for foodies uncovered in our new annual theme.
Call for participation
the food we love to hate
It’s all about food we abhor. To help us understand this emotion, we need your input! We would like to collect your stories.
Every Sunday
Brunch with artisanal produce
A bountiful buffet, regional produce, time for togetherness in an idyllic setting… The Alimentarium Sunday brunches promise pure pleasure!
Call for participation
Visual arts: Your artwork in the Museum!
What if your own work of art went on display in the Museum in 2020?
We’re open…
today from 10:00 to 17:00
Let’s talk about food!

Food has quite a history! Join us as we retrace different chapters, looking at traditions, social issues and personal preferences.

Annual theme
The faces behind food
From fruit picking to a master chef’s prowess, humans intervene on every level to make, combine and enhance the food we eat.
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Roll up your sleeves!
Sharing knowledge and skills is what we do. With passion. That’s why the Alimentarium organises daily culinary workshops and classes led by qualified chefs.
So tasty you’ll want seconds!
Chef's special 
CHF 19.00

Country-style ham from our local butcher's
Apple butter gravy
Potato gratin and celeriac
Carrot custard and braised baby romaine lettuce
Dandelion mousse

“A self-service gourmet restaurant may seem a little unusual, but it’s what’s on the plate that counts. The food is pleasantly surprising, very good even, with a choice of dishes and finesse in the flavour. Well done! Keep it up.”

MJ P on TripAdvisor
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Feed your curiosity

Our Magazine is jam-packed with food-related articles and videos. Science, history, society, nutrition...

I am popular around the world, children’s favourite ‘vegetable’ and a guilty pleasure for many adults. I am golden and slender. What am I?
Their worldwide success niggles the Belgians, doctors, and gastronomists

Olympia Yarger is a cutting edge Australian insect farmer on a mission

What the Fork ?!

In this episode, Philippe Ligron goes fishing on Lake Geneva and explains the secrets of his recipe for a mighty marinade.

3 min 48
Put the organs in the right place so that food can be digested, and win as many points as you can.
Eggs and cholesterol
Eggs were long considered as perfect food, particularly for the quality of their protein. However, they declined in popularity in the 1980s when it was discovered that...