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About the Foundation
The Alimentarium prepares tasty takeaways!

Our team of chefs will be preparing a selection of tempting takeaways! As for those little cravings, our Café will offer a range of delicious takeaway snacks, hot drinks and homemade cakes.

We have more good news for you too! Our Shop is also reopening, stocked with a stash of unusual homeware.

Gift Vouchers
Here’s THE perfect gift that’s sure to please anyone and everyone! If you can’t decide which of our numerous activities would best suit your loved ones, why not give them gift vouchers? They can then decide when and how to use them
Presentation now on YouTube
Sophie Nicklaus’ presentation (in French) on how to get children to like vegetables is now available on YouTube!
Our “Tell me” podcast

Our “Tell me” podcasts answer children’s questions.
Also available on Spotify and Anchor!

Temporary closure
The museum is closed
We are closed

According to the latest official directives, our exhibition area is closed until further notice.  

Our Restaurant and Café continue to offer takeaway snacks and meals. Our Shop also remains open.

Restaurant: Tuesday to Sunday, 12:00 to 14:00

Café: Tuesday to Sunday, 10:00 to 17:00

Shop: Tuesday to Saturday, 10:00 to 17:00

Thank you for your understanding!

This spring, the Alimentarium will be launching a brand new temporary exhibition: #vegan. And we need you to make it happen! Share your story now on our platform! We look forward to hearing from you!
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Roll up your sleeves!
Sharing knowledge and skills is what we do. With passion. That’s why the Alimentarium organises daily culinary workshops and classes led by qualified chefs.

The Alimentarium prepares tasty takeaways!

In our Restaurant
Our team of chefs proudly presents a selection of tempting takeaway meals!

“A self-service gourmet restaurant may seem a little unusual, but it’s what’s on the plate that counts. The food is pleasantly surprising, very good even, with a choice of dishes and finesse in the flavour. Well done! Keep it up.”

MJ P on TripAdvisor
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Feed your curiosity

Our Magazine is jam-packed with food-related articles and videos. Science, history, society, nutrition...

A festival of sharing par excellence, Christmas takes different forms depending on the country you are in. The wide array of customs linked to this Christian celebration ranges from the traditional to the astounding.
Chocolate is the delicious result of the transformation of cocoa beans found in the fruit of the cacao tree. Chocolate has its origins in the sacred world of the Mayans and, before becoming a confectionery product, was consumed as a drink offering a host of benefits.
The Song family from Shanghai made Chinese dumplings and other delicacies. We had the opportunity to watch.
Put the organs in the right place so that food can be digested, and win as many points as you can.
Eggs and cholesterol
Eggs were long considered as perfect food, particularly for the quality of their protein. However, they declined in popularity in the 1980s when it was discovered that...