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Ateliers culinaires
Halloween Special
Join us to make ghostly madeleines and spider cakes, as well as a blood-curdling “eye-catching” fruit salad. Creepy...
Appel à participation
Contest for scribes with a strong stomach
Lunch & Visit
Every first Saturday of the month, seize the opportunity to combine culture and gastronomy over your lunch break.
Beurk ! Yuck ! Igitt ! The food we love to hate
Temporary exhibition 2020 - 2021
Preparing for your visit
We’re open…
today from 10:00 to 17:00
Preparing for your visit

It is compulsory to wear a mask in our Museum. Please remember to bring one with you when you pay us a visit! Masks are also available at our Welcome Desk (CHF 0.50 each).

Details about the safety measures in place are available here:

The food we love to hate
It’s all about food we abhor. To help us understand this emotion, we need your input! We would like to collect your stories.
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Roll up your sleeves!
Sharing knowledge and skills is what we do. With passion. That’s why the Alimentarium organises daily culinary workshops and classes led by qualified chefs.

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Cooking without waste

Limited availability – Book now!
So tasty you’ll want seconds!
Chef’s special throughout October
CHF 19.00
Braised venison with cranberries
Spinach spaetzli
Pumpkin purée with a crunchy wafer
Seasonal trimmings
Pickled white cabbage

“A self-service gourmet restaurant may seem a little unusual, but it’s what’s on the plate that counts. The food is pleasantly surprising, very good even, with a choice of dishes and finesse in the flavour. Well done! Keep it up.”

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Feed your curiosity

Our Magazine is jam-packed with food-related articles and videos. Science, history, society, nutrition...

The Bitter Potion

Contest for scribes with a strong stomach

Where do you draw the line regarding what you eat?
10 min.
Garden Stories

The vegetables in our Garden have germinated, grown and ripened. Watch as we harvest some of them, make a ratatouille following the recipe handed down by our grandmothers, and a jar of pickled vegetables that will keep for months… for a taste of summer sunshine all year round!

6 min. 48
Put the organs in the right place so that food can be digested, and win as many points as you can.
Eggs and cholesterol
Eggs were long considered as perfect food, particularly for the quality of their protein. However, they declined in popularity in the 1980s when it was discovered that...