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Food and the 5 senses

Plan B - Academy

What role do our 5 senses play in our perception of the food we eat?

Food and nutrients

Plan B - Academy

A varied and balanced diet. What does it mean? What is the role of the nutrients found in our food?

Processing food

Plan B - Academy

Why do we need to process food before eating it? Understanding food labels.

The digestive system

Plan B - Academy

A trip inside the digestive tract!

Ecology and food economy

Plan B - Academy

Understanding the economic and environmental implications of producing food.

Eating, moving and growing

Plan B - Academy

Why do we need food? How can we get all we need to run, play and feel good?

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Younger visitors can make their own discoveries about food and nutrition.
Our games are fun, interactive and educational, and designed to arouse children's curiosity.