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About the Foundation
Eating, moving and growing
Why do we need food? How can we get all we need to run, play and feel good?

Learn about the job each bit of your body does – the teeth, skeleton, muscles and digestive system. Find out about food groups and why keeping a healthy diet gives you energy to run and play. Explore the relationship between nutrition and exercise and learn how to look after your body while maintaining a positive body image and enjoying food with all your senses!

This theme “Eating, moving and growing” has been produced by Discovery Education in partnership with the Alimentarium.

Digestion, teeth, bones and muscles

Learn about the job each bit of our body does.

This course looks at the basic functions of the body – the teeth, skeleton, muscles and digestive system. Designed to be shown to your pupils, it will help them understand how the food that they eat gives them energy and makes their body grow. Children will also learn about the food groups and start to consider where the food they eat comes from.

Why do we need food

This video will teach children about the nutritional value of food and the role of nutrients and provide information about different nutrient groups.


Muscles and Energy

This video will teach children about the importance of our muscles and skeleton for exercise and movement and exercise and show the importance of a healthy diet to keep us moving.


Teeth and eating

This video will teach children about different types of teeth, their importance and how to look after them. This will equip them with the necessary knowledge to conduct independent investigations about different teeth in different animals, and how some foods and drinks damage their teeth.


The Digestive System

This video will teach children about how the basic digestive system works.


Keeping our whole body healthy

Learn about nutrition, exercise and health.

This course covers the functions of the body and the relationship between nutrition, exercise and health. Designed to be shown to children, you can also follow it and learn how lifestyle impacts wellbeing, get to know about the choices that are right for you as individuals. You will learn about how food from the different food groups helps the body to grow and heal, how the nutrients and the water we consume are transported through the body with the help of the digestive and the circulatory systems, how under-consumption and over-consumption of some products can hurt our body, and why it is important to develop positive body image and enjoy food.

Transporting Nutrients and Water

Looking at how the body absorbs water and nutrients.


A Healthy Balanced Diet

The importance of a healthy diet looking at the different food groups.


Harming the Body

Understanding how what we do/don’t eat can harm our bodies.


Food, Body and Society

Looking at the relationship between body image, self-esteem and societal pressure


Mindful Eating

Understanding how the senses work together.


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