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As a Foundation, the Alimentarium is financed from various sources.
About us

Nestlé celebrated 150 years of ‘Good Food, Good Life’ in Switzerland

Nestlé celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2016 with a particular focus on events in Vevey, Switzerland where the company was founded. The celebrations were an opportunity for the company to thank the people for their trust and loyalty throughout the years and to thank their employees whose hard work and commitment to Nestlé are the key to their success.

To celebrate Nestlé’s 150th anniversary, the Alimentarium received a donation enabling it to refurbish and extend its programme online. The Museum, a Nestlé Foundation, is devoted to food and nutrition and takes visitors on an interactive journey through the world of food, challenging the brain and testing all of the senses. The journey continues online, where pioneering teaching and learning assets are available for those who want to further explore the world of food.

The Alimentarium Foundation thanks Nestlé for its generous support.


Constituted by Nestlé SA and Nestlé Suisse SA in 1980, the Alimentarium is a legally registered foundation governed by statutes and a Board of Trustees in accordance with the articles 80 et seq of the Swiss Civil Code and placed under the supervision of the Federal Supervisory Board for foundations.

The Board of Trustees determines policy and, together with senior staff, sets the strategic direction for the Alimentarium. The Board delegates the day-to-day running of the Alimentarium to the Director, who has responsibility for the overall organisation, management and staffing.

The Board is composed of ten to sixteen members of which four represent the founders, one the Swiss Federal department of Home Affairs, one each the cantons of Vaud and Zug, one the town of Vevey and one to seven are independent experts in related fields. They are elected for a three-year term which may be prolonged.

Current Members of the Board

Eugenio Simioni, Chairman
CEO Nestlé Suisse SA

Stéphan Schleiss, Vice-Chairman
State Councillor, Canton of Zug

Michel Agnant
Councillor, Municipality of Vevey

Liliane Bruggmann
Head of Nutrition, Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office

Pierre Dillenbourg
Professor, EPF Lausanne (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology)

Felix Escher
Professor Emeritus, ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology)

Philippe Leuba
State Councillor, Canton of Vaud

Barbara Orland
Associate Professor, History of Science and Technology, Pharmacy Museum, University of Basel

Jean-Christophe Thiébaud
Head of Legal & Corporate Affairs Nestlé Suisse SA

Jelena Trajkovic Karamata
Head of IT Switzerland, Nestlé NOWS

Roland Wetzel
Director, Museum Tinguely, Basel


The Alimentarium adheres to the ‘ICOM Code of Ethics’ which represents a minimum standard for museums. It is presented as a series of principles supported by guidelines for desirable professional practice.

  1. Museums preserve, research, interpret and promote the natural and cultural inheritance of humanity.
  2. Museums that maintain collections hold them in trust for the benefit of society and its development.
  3. Museums hold primary evidence for establishing and furthering knowledge.
  4. Museums provide opportunities for the appreciation, understanding and management of the natural and cultural heritage.
  5. Museums hold resources that provide opportunities for other public services and benefits.
  6. Museums work in close collaboration with the communities from which their collections originate as well as those they serve.
  7. Museums operate in a legal manner.
  8. Museums operate in a professional manner.