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Blandine Guignier


Passionnée d’histoire et de gastronomie, Blandine travaille pour l’agence de presse LargeNetwork à Genève. Elle est titulaire d’un Master en journalisme de Sciences Po Grenoble.

5 articles
A herd of goats wandering in the setting sun
19.03.2018 Blandine Guignier
Thierry Chevenet owns one of Europe’s biggest goat farms; his expertise has now attracted the attention of France’s top chefs.
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13.11.2017 Blandine Guignier
A host of events and festivals exalt these healthy, inexpensive bulbs and their diverse uses. A brief overview...
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07.11.2017 Blandine Guignier
A third of the population living in western countries take food supplements regularly.
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15.08.2017 Blandine Guignier
Once the preserve of grandmothers’ cupboards, glass jars are now making a comeback. There are a number of reasons for this revival.
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01.06.2017 Blandine Guignier
At first floppy, then tall and straight, the chef’s hat, or toque, became popular in the 19th century and continues to appeal to chefs as far afield as Japan.
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