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About the Foundation
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Our mission
For over 30 years already, the world’s first-ever food-themed museum has been sharing a global and independent view of the many aspects of the human diet.
About us

Our multidisciplinary, cultural, historical, scientific and nutritional-focused approach and our bold and original programme of activities have established the Alimentarium as a reference on food.

As a Foundation, the Alimentarium follows clear goals identified in its statutes:

“​The goal of the Foundation is to create and develop a museum in Vevey of human food around the world. This museum will contribute to awakening public interest in past and present issues concerning human food.”

Foundation Statutes, art. 2.”

Vision and objectives

The Alimentarium continues to blaze a trail by promoting new ways of learning, sharing and teaching, made accessible worldwide through digital technologies. The new-generation Alimentarium invites everyone to discover food and nutrition according to their particular preferences, with both an on-site and virtual visit to the Museum!

All the Alimentarium’s aspirations and activities are guided by our mission and since 2013 the following vision drives our development:

“The Alimentarium Foundation is a worldwide reference on food and nutrition, combining a digitally and physically interconnected learning platform to share its expertise with the general public and professionals.”

The Alimentarium strategy defined in 2015, identifies four principal axes at the core of the institution’s long-term development.

Reach more

Reaching a wider public and achieving international renown

The Alimentarium Food Museum is making its expertise widely available by offering a service aimed at everyone, from the novice to the more seasoned member of the public. The Alimentarium is a coherent space with a digital presence anchored in its physical form and recognisable by its means of transmission.

Reach deeper

Going deeper into topics, being relevant to meet the public’s expectations

With the aim of becoming a public knowledge centre with international appeal, the Alimentarium offers an online training programme and resources for distance learning so as to reach as wide an audience as possible. The content is structured with learning objectives in mind and presents scientifically validated subjects.

Uniquely together

Creating a community around our networked content

The Alimentarium ensures that the messages it shares are of high quality by confirming their objectivity and accuracy using both its own skills and those of independent experts within its network.
In actively promoting dialogue, exchange and collaboration around its unique content, scientifically validated by a network of experts and curators, the Alimentarium seeks to build its audience into a community.


Optimising resources

To optimise its resources, the Alimentarium takes a holistic approach to all its activities and constantly evolving content. Cultural entrepreneurship and the systematic search for synergies such as strategic partnerships help enrich its realm of activities.