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About the Foundation

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The Alimentarium Museum is unique, the only one of its kind. It has has welcomed 1.5 million visitors since 1985, more than half of them are under 18 years of age, making it one of the most popular museums in Switzerland.

Are you willing to contribute to the success of the Food Museum?

View our current job offers and send us your candidature on line.

Digital Engagement Manager

To complete our team, we are looking for a Digital Engagement Manager, in this role, you will develop and execute the digital strategy of the Alimentarium to connect it to its audiences on a local, regional and international level.
You will federate and grow the communities around the Alimentarium through digital communication and content creation.
You will also monitor what these communities are saying about the Alimentarium on social media outlets, plan social media campaigns and report on the performance of those campaigns

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Digital Engagement Coordinator

To complete our team, we are looking for a Digital Engagement Coordinator, in this role, you will combine functions of the webmaster and digital communication manager, you will be the contact point for all technical questions of Alimentarium IT.

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