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About the Foundation
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In addition to its highly-dedicated team busy ensuring that everything runs smoothly on a daily basis, the Alimentarium draws on a top-quality network of experts.
About us

The team

To ensure an interactive approach, the Alimentarium relies on around 50 members of staff dedicated to sharing knowledge with visitors through the exhibition and its collections, both on site and online.

This team comprises, in particular, a Chef in charge of catering, a FoodExperience manager, guides proposing tours in six languages, and qualified, experienced culinary workshop leaders.

The Museum also involves many external service providers, including technical maintenance and surveillance staff, caterers, cultural and scientific contributors, etc.

A network of partners

The Alimentarium guarantees the relevance of its messages, their objectivity and quality through its own skills and those of neutral experts in its network. By actively promoting dialogue, exchange and collaboration on exclusive content validated by the network of expert scientists and curators, the Alimentarium aims to make its audience into a community.