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William Türler

William Türler


PR consultant William Türler previously worked as a journalist for 15 years, favouring topics related to the economy, health, gastronomy, watchmaking and the hotel and catering sector.

5 articles
Les noisettes du Piémont enrobées de chocolat blanc, au lait ou noir : des pépites à damner tous les chercheurs d’or gourmand…
19.11.2018 William Türler
Tristan Carbonatto is fascinated by the art of making chocolate. He shares his enthusiasm with his team of fifteen employees in his Swiss workshop.
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Grillé, moulu, bouilli, soufflé… le maïs se prête à tout !
15.05.2018 William Türler
High in antioxidants, popcorn has risen from a cinema snack to a gourmet indulgence.
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White or brown: A cube of sheer sweetness to be consumed in moderation
12.01.2018 William Türler
Consuming large quantities of sugar is bad for us. Health authorities are seeking ways to reduce consumption of sugar. Here’s how.
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22.08.2017 William Türler
Cutting out or cutting down on meat products would have positive effects on our health and the environment. Here’s why.
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06.02.2017 William Türler
Traditionally, carnival celebrations showcase rich and often sweet culinary specialities. The aim is to stock up on as many calories as possible before Lent. A brief overview.
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