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What the Fork?!

A chef as inspired as he is inspiring, a few anecdotes and a sprinkling of history, a splash of humour, and fresh seasonal produce are all ingredients for the 'What the Fork?!' videos.


Recipes, anecdotes and top tips. Philippe Ligron shares his expertise and how to make a fruit and vegetable tartare.

A world tour of the Garden
Once a month, from June to October, the Alimentarium’s 'Garden plot to gourmet palate' workshop invites you to explore the flavours of its garden.
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What if the world became vegetarian?
Cutting out or cutting down on meat products would have positive effects on our health and the environment. Here’s why.
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Boston’s neighbourhood gardens
For several years now, the demand for community gardens has increased dramatically in many cities. But the trend began earlier. Today the community gardens of Boston provide an example of just how fertile such developments can be.
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A Feast for the Eyes
Chefs as artists: each plate a masterpiece
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The colour of food
Pigments and the nutritional properties of colourful food
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Basic preparations in cuisine
Marinades, jellies, panades, thickeners and stocks are basic preparations for creating dishes.
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The queen of our vegetable gardens, with 1700 varieties grown around the world.
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Preparing and shaping vegetables
Peeling, paring, chopping, carving: getting everything ready for making a recipe or decorating a dish.
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