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Sebastian Dieguez

Neuroscience researcher and neuropsychologist

Sebastian Dieguez (PhD) is a neuroscience researcher and neuropsychologist at the Laboratory of Cognitive and Neurological Science of the University of Fribourg, where he researches bodily awareness, bilingualism and representations of randomness. He writes regularly for Cerveau & Psycho and Le Temps. He is the author of Maux d’Artistes: ce que cachent les oeuvres, 2010 and co-editor of Literary Medicine: Brain disease and doctors in novels, theater and film, 2013.

3 articles
Si tout ce qui brille n’est pas or, tout ce qui se mange mobilise les cinq sens et naturellement le cerveau.
22.02.2019 Sebastian Dieguez
If there’s one thing neurogastronomy can teach us, it’s that when it comes to food, sometimes it’s better to rack our brains.
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14.04.2015 Sebastian Dieguez
When discovering the world outside of the womb, newborns are not in unfamiliar territory. In fact, they have long become accustomed to and prepared for becoming not just part of the human race, but part of a particular social group, which they have been able to study at their leisure by using their mothers as a source of data and sound box, developing one sense after the other and finally all of them together.
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