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Robert Gloy


Robert Gloy has been working for the Geneva-based media agency LargeNetwork since January 2015. He writes in German and French for various media outlets in Switzerland, with a preference for topics related to the economy, society and new technologies. He has also developed expertise in creating infographics. Robert Gloy holds a Master’s degree in Franco-German journalism from the Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg and the Université de Strasbourg School of Journalism.

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Une profession en lien avec la santé publique. Ici : inspecteurs fédéraux examinant des carcasses, États-Unis, 1910. ©Shutterstock/Everett Historical
25.06.2019 Robert Gloy

Young Swiss people are showing no interest in this skilled trade. To restore their image, butchers are focusing on proximity and tasty recipes.

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La cérémonie du thé, une tradition encore vivace
05.06.2018 Robert Gloy
‘Tea masters’ are the ambassadors of good tea. They select the best varieties and combine them with gastronomic dishes.
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Mythes alimentaires reseaux sociaux
25.04.2017 Robert Gloy
Food blogs, celebrities and scientists all give advice on healthy diets. It is becoming more and more difficult for consumers to keep track.
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