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Café & Restaurant

The Alimentarium will feed your mind, with exhibits, presentations and videos designed to nourish your knowledge of food and nutrition. We think about your stomach too, though! After all, as the saying goes “a hungry belly has no ears!”

The Restaurant

Our chef and his team concoct a variety of tasty seasonal dishes to add a gourmet touch to your visit. With a dish of the day, a chef’s special, a vegetarian meal and a children’s meal, there’s something to suit all tastes and purse strings!

Top tip! The Restaurant is open to the public Tuesday to Sunday from noon. For groups of 10 or more, we strongly advise to book a week ahead. Please complete our reservation form or call us on 021 924 44 18.


Chef's special for March

Chef's special (CHF 19.00)


Chaudin pork sausage

Blackberry sauce

Cracked wheat cooked in vegetable broth

Pureed peas with almonds

The Restaurant also proposes

a seasonal dish (CHF 19.00),
a vegetarian meal (CHF 16.00) and
a children’s meal (CHF 13.00),
varying with the weather and the chef’s inspiration!

The Terrasse


Feast your eyes on our lush Garden, the splendour of Lake Geneva and the Vevey quayside as you savour refreshing drinks, waffles, ice creams and much more... Our Terrasse is set to become one of the most popular spots on the Riviera this summer!

Top tip! The Terrasse is open from 27 April to 06 October 2019 (Tuesday to Sunday, noon to 17:00).

The Café

The comfortable armchairs in our calm, light and spacious lounge are great for just sitting back and relaxing as you enjoy our range of drinks (coffee, fruit juices, wines, etc.), seasonal treats, salads and hot or cold sweet or savoury snacks. There are plenty of fun and educational magazines and books lying around too, for you to leaf through should you wish! Not forgetting our nearby Shop, a real treasure trove...

Top tip! If the Museum is open, the Café is open too!​