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Patrizia Coggiola


Patrizia Coggiola has worked as a journalist for almost fifteen years, as well as as a fashion and design editor for international magazines. She has authored and produced videos, and been the managing director of many editorial projects, both on- and offline.

3 articles
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24.03.2014 Patrizia Coggiola
Foie gras is no more valuable than cassava, and insects are also fair game: the most innovative chefs are exchanging ideas and using new culinary knowledge. They are open to the unfamiliar.
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25.03.2014 Patrizia Coggiola
Oceanographer Bren Smith grows seaweed on his ocean farm in Long Island Sound. The plant contains more protein than soybeans and more calcium than milk. It can also be used to make pasta, ice cream and cocktails.
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25.03.2014 Patrizia Coggiola
A Finnish chef and a Spanish designer have created a kitchen that runs exclusively on solar power, even in Alaska. The dishes taste slightly different each time they’re prepared. But what if it’s cloudy or raining out?
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