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Nicolas Chatenier


Nicolas Chatenier is a renowned observer of world cuisines. Over the past ten years he has worked with some of the world’s best chefs. He promotes their expertise through his agency Peacefulchef and his restaurant Table Ronde, which is located in the Marais in Paris

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15.11.2014 Nicolas Chatenier
Over the past two decades, gourmet cuisine has become a means of promoting a country. A strong culinary culture helps forge national identity worldwide. In this game, the largest countries aren’t necessarily the winners.
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29.01.2014 Nicolas Chatenier
Alexandre Gauthier wants his guests to discover those little nothings that are everything.
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15.11.2014 Nicolas Chatenier
Cooking today tends to give precedence to visuals over taste. Chefs actively encourage this tendency by publishing photographs of their creations. Whether scant or abundant, modest or flamboyant – cookery is an art form.
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