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The new permanent exhibition at the Alimentarium


The unique new scenography, combining discovery, experimentation and learning, invites visitors on a fun-filled, interactive journey through three new sectors: Food, Society and The Body. Enlivened with projections, interactive terminals and video installations, this immersive experience will make visitors aware of the influence diet can have on the body and its environment.

In the Food sector, visitors discover the journey food takes, what it is composed of and how it is grown, processed and prepared. Here they are immersed in an idealised view of nature, where they can harvest information on a whole variety of food.

The Society sector invites visitors to put eating habits, practices and values from around the world into perspective, aiming to make them aware that the act of ‘eating’ is not just about satisfying a vital need, but that it also fulfils an essential social function. In this sector, visitors can leave their mark by sharing their childhood memories and ‘gastroselfies’ on a community wall, while being encouraged to explore new social phenomena such as the use of hashtags and food porn.

The Body, the third and final sector of the new exhibition, invites visitors to ask themselves two fundamental questions: What do I think about what I eat? Why do I eat? Visitors can seek the answers as they wander along the pathways of the brain, dotted with giant neurones, and as they discover fun-filled, sensory experimentation on the senses trail. Here visitors can learn how our senses work while giving the brain a workout!


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