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N° 39 Vingt-cinq ans d'un musée à table


25 years of the Food Museum.
4 days to feast on.

There was no temporary exhibition planned for 2010, the year of the Museum’s 25th anniversary. To mark this special occasion, rather than stage more exhibits, the Alimentarium chose to pave the way for other creative activities, such as film-making (see Prix de Court), music, ad-lib theatre, manga and conferences over 4 festive days. Over 8000 visitors celebrated this milestone with:

Body Instinct: Saturday 6 March 2010

Cuche & Barbezat in a previously unseen show, Véronique & Davina in a class mixing gym-tonic with yoga and Daniel Fazan and his guests for a day full of emotions!


- Chocolat cric-crac or how to make not so Swiss chocolate. Workshop for 5 to 10 year olds.

​- Morphing or how to deform an image of yourself. Workshop for 5 to 10 year olds.

- A polysensory discovery of wine. Workshop for adults led by Anne-Claude Luisier. Music, colours, and materials provided suggestive stimulation to influence our perception of wine.

- Tasting a trio of aphrodisiac and evocative jams.


- A class in gym-tonic and relaxation led by Véronique & Davina. A condensed summary of the evolution of gymnastics over the previous 25 years, providing both aerobic nostalgia and the latest zen trend.

- Kermesse: A show blending contemporary dance and music by Valentine Paley and Timothée Messeiller. An off-the-wall parody of exercise in the sports hall and in the bedroom.

- Conference Le corps entre contrainte et plaisir, with journalist Daniel Fazan and guests Davina, Magali Volery and Sergei Aschwanden.

- Les Trois Canards: Guggenmusik around the Museum with 30 musicians from Fribourg.

- Wellness corner, for a lazy nap on giant cushions or a massage.

► See photos of these events!

Back to Nature - Sunday 2 May 2010

Dame Nature et ses atours (Mother Nature in all her finery). The Alimentarium’s second day of festivities saw Judith Baumann (a country-style chef) in the Museum kitchen, a seedling market along the lakefront to boost local vegetable gardens and insects and algae to nibble on. Despite the wet weather, over 3000 visitors were keen to smell, taste and touch Mother Nature’s finery.


- Ménagez la nature! (Save nature!) Creation of unique objects from wrappers. Inventeurs en herbe led this workshop for 6 to 10 year olds to see a fun way to recycle.

- Craquantes petites bêtes! (Tasty little beasties!) Making a pizza and sweets with insects. A workshop for all the family, led by Louis Champod.

- 4 new stands: Légumes anciens (Former varieties of vegetables) with Denise Gautier from ProSpecieRara; Algues dans nos assiettes (Eating algae) with Carole Dougoud; Plantes sauvages (Wild plants) with Françoise Rayroud; Insectes à croquer (Crunchy creepy crawlies) with Louis Champod.

- Escapade nature: de la cueillette à l'assiette. (A nature trail: from picking to plate) To extend the day’s activities, the Museum proposed 4 opportunities to go into nature, starting by gathering wild plants with Françoise Rayroud in the meadows near Cerniat (in the canton of Fribourg) and then preparing them in the Alimentarium kitchen with Judith Baumann. Saturday 8 May, 15 May, 5 June and 12 June 2010.


- Wild plants keep no secrets from Judith Baumann, awarded 16/20 by the Gault et Millau restaurant guide while she ran the Pinte des Mossettes. She returned to the kitchen with a trail of flowers and herbs in her wake, just to please Alimentarium visitors.

- "Création sons et lumières", sound and light show with Lumen dancers.

- Orgabits concert: When vegetables become instruments!

- Conferences and debates led by journalist Daniel Fazan on the following topics: Fourchette Biodiverse (A biodiverse fork) with René Longet, Daniel Chérix and Denise Gautier; Au secours, l’ancien revient ! (Help! The past is coming back!) with Judith Baumann, Françoise Rayroud, Louis Champod and Carole Dougoud; Manger proche (Eat local) with Jacqueline Seidel and René Longet.

Exotiquement Vôtre: Saturday 19 June 2010

Exotiquement Vôtre led 2000 visitors on a voyage to explore the wealth of Helvetic cuisine in a land fond of good food and exoticism. 33 alphorns resonated along the lakefront while Schabziger cheese, boule de Belp cheese, Ribelmais polenta, Ajoie sausage, fir tree eau-de-vie and damson plum liqueur were tempting harmony for rumbling stomachs. The official festivities in the Alimentarium were far more glorious than the damp skies of that unpredictable summer.


- La poya voit du pays: The traditional image of cows walking up to mountain pastures, revamped by artist François Burland and pencils and felt-tip pens in the creative hands of children. Workshop for 5 to 10 year olds.

- Swiss tartinades: A Swiss spread, making and marking bread, churning butter and making patriotic jam! Workshop for children from 5 years old, accompanied by an adult.

- Helvetic massala: Creation of a mixture of spices such as the exotic blends used in many traditional Swiss recipes. Between each workshop, visitors could enjoy a sweet and sour exhibit. From 12 years of age.

- Exotic tours: A guided tour to rediscover quirky or unknown Swiss products. Guaranteed to widen your horizons! From 10 years of age.

- Schabziger and boule de Belp cheese: Ingredients, how they are made, their history, all you need to know about these two famous tasty Swiss cheeses.


- Marché sur le quai: A lakefront market presented our food heritage with demonstrations and presentation of Swiss produce. In collaboration with independent producers.

- Saucisse Exotich Jardin: Every Swiss canton prides its own particular sausage; there was quite a selection to choose from on the hot sausage stall.

- Nos esquimaux: The ice-cream vendor on his bike sold typically Swiss flavours, including edelweiss ice-cream!

- Manger suisse, Swiss-style eating, a debate led by journalist Daniel Fazan with ethnologist Isabelle Raboud, Stéphane Boisseaux (a political specialist from the AOC designation of origin), Irma Dütsch, (Manager of the Fletschhorn Hotel in Saas Fee, with both Michelin and Gault et Millau awards) and Philippe Ligron (food historian, teacher and culinary journalist for Swiss French radio).

- Académie de Cor des Alpes: Thirty musicians from the alphorn academy, founded in 1998, reverberated a typically Helvetic lifestyle.

- Solo de Hackbrett: The soloist Töbi Tobler has been playing the hammered dulcimer for 30 years. It is an unusual instrument where the strings are hammered with a mallet. His repertoire included revisited modern and contemporary pieces.

- Duo d’Örgeli: Jean-René and Jacqueline Payer play the schwitzer Örgeli, typical accordions from the canton of Schwytz and thus invited visitors on a trip back to the origins of Swiss folklore.

- Avracavabrac: Fancy going to the cinema? Need a good laugh? A surprise on the menu? A group of actors led by Vincent Kucholl blended these gratifying ingredients to invent a festive menu for the closing show of Exotiquement Vôtre. Their gourmet ad-libbing was based on excerpts from cult films where food steals the screen.

► Enjoy photos taken on the day.

Connected Housewives:Saturday 4 September

This fourth and last day of festivities to mark the Alimentarium’s 25th anniversary, brought the celebrations to an end with a giant summer birthday party enjoyed by over 1500 visitors. Many came especially to meet Grégory Cuilleron, winner of Un dîner presque parfait and who took part in one of the two debates led by Jean-Charles Simon. Visitors also jostled to admire famous faces such as Jacqueline De Quattro, Brigitte Hool, Frédéric Recrosio, Henri Dès and Jean-Charles Simon don their aprons under the watchful eye of chef Gabriel Serero.


- Spécial Mangas: Preview showing of J'aime les Sushis, a new culinary manga presented exclusively at the Alimentarium prior to its release on 15 September 2010. A mini-exhibition and interviews allowed visitors to discover culinary manga, a unique genre made in Japan. J'aime dessiner les sushis, a workshop led by Julien Cordebar on drawing sushi and discovering Japanese gastronomy.

- Gâteau-déco: Baking cookies and cake decorating for the grand competition to find the best birthday cake for the Museum’s silver jubilee. Workshop for families. Children from 5 years old to be accompanied by an adult.

- Ma cuisine bien-aimée: My lovely kitchen - visitors posed in unusual settings and were captured on camera.

- Le génie de la boîte de raviolis: A short cartoon film to remind us of the sweet, smooth taste of tinned ravioli at the end of a day on school ski camp…

- Concours: A competition where visitors could win surprise gifts in participating in a quiz. The answers were to be found all over the Museum.

- Point it ! Et si on revenait à l’essentiel? Visitors could point to their favourite snack in the illustrated mini-dictionary by the German photographer Dieter Graf. An ideal culinary aid for travellers! This exhibition was held in the Museum garden, in collaboration with the Vevey Festival d’Images ’10.


- Grégory Cuilleron, laureate of the Top Chef TV show and winner of Un Dîner presque parfait shared anecdotes of his time on television.

- Debates led by journalist Jean-Charles Simon: Nouvelles technologies en cuisine: Quel impact dans notre quotidien? Quelles perspectives nous ouvrent-elles? (New technologies in cooking: What impact will they have on our day-to-day lives? What doors do they open?) With Denis Martin (virtuoso of molecular cuisine in his Vevey restaurant), Pierre Smets (food lover and journalist, spokesperson of the Vevey Municipality), Ennio Cantergiani (engineer in Food Science); La cuisine des nouveaux médias: pourquoi un tel engouement? Va-t-elle changer notre rapport à l’alimentation? (Cuisine in modern media: Why are we so infatuated with it?) with Grégory Cuilleron (a success in Un dîner presque parfait), Jérôme Estèbe (culinary journalist for the Tribune de Genève) and Patrick Beerens, (teacher at the Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne).

- Les VIP aux fourneaux: ‘VIPs in the kitchen’ guided by chef Gabriel Serero - Jacqueline De Quattro, Brigitte Hool, Henri Dès, Frédéric Recrosio and Jean-Charles Simon prepared a meal which they later shared with a few lucky Museum visitors.

- Prix de Court: The three finalist teams of film-makers in the Prix de Court short-film competition presented their views of food in 25 years’ time. All films were shot in Vevey and the Alimentarium in August 2010. The audience award and the Grand Jury’s prize were announced on 25 September.

- Plateaux-TV: (Dinner on a TV tray). Visitors could savour cult dishes from TV series such as Dallas, Lost or Desperate Housewives! Susan’s macaroni cheese (supposedly impossible to fail) and Bree’s lemon meringue pie were among the inexpensive dishes and desserts to garnish your next TV dinner. ► See photos taken on this day!


The Alimentarium also marked its first 25 years with a collection of posters and catalogues of 32 of its temporary exhibitions. Here we can appreciate the extent of museography employed over the years. It also puts perspective on the choice of how each exhibition is staged, in terms of graphics, texts and iconography. Retro, old-fashioned, classical, clean and simple or off-the-wall, the poster reflects not just the exhibition but a whole era.