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N° 31: Promenades muséologiques

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An Exhibition Revisited – Musings of a museologist in the Alimentarium

From 12 March 2002 to 2 February 2003. An exhibition created by the Alimentarium.

While the permanent exhibition underwent a complete transformation, the Alimentarium Food Museum, a Nestlé Foundation, looked back on its past, but with curiosity rather than nostalgia. The Museum proposed a stroll through selected parts of the exhibition which had been developed in 1985. Uncovering the exhibition in this way led to a reflection on the various ways of highlighting the topic of food and nutrition.

From 12 March 2002 the second floor of the Alimentarium welcomed a unique exhibition. It was called “une exposition exposée”, an exhibition revisited. Visitors aware of the former presentation of objects in the Alimentarium found numerous familiar objects, yet were surprised to see them reorganised or even divided up to highlight the role of objects and scenography in an exhibition.

Parts of the three distinct sectors of the Alimentarium from 1985 to 2000 (science, ethnology and history) were presented in the décor of a temporary storage warehouse, with commentary on museology and the close relationship between visitors and exhibits.

To reach this exhibition, visitors needed to walk through part of the first floor of the Museum, still undergoing renovation. Until the entirely new permanent exhibition was inaugurated on 28 June 2002, visitors could appreciate daily progress in its preparation and perhaps reflect on the museology, as encouraged on the upper floor.

► This exhibition was accompanied by a Carnet de notes sur l'Alimentarium. This illustrated guide is in three languages (French, English and German) and provides a perfect complement to the ‘museological promenades’. On sale in the Museum shop.