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The Body Sector

Secteur corps tube digestif
The last part of the visit, the Body sector, invites visitors to reflect on three fundamental questions: “What do I think about what I eat? Why do I eat? What impact do my choices have on my health?

In the first area, visitors wander through the pathways of the brain dotted with giant neurons to discover how our five senses work. This fun trail reveals that we can exercise and improve our grey matter at any age! Some hands-on and tasty experiments show that sometimes our senses may be misled or misleading and that our education and our geographical, family and social environment have a major influence on our food choices and preferences.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to travel through the organs of the alimentary canal to discover the secrets of how it works? For a few minutes, visitors can ‘become’ an apple. (PIC) Mashed, mixed and broken down by enzymes, they discover the essential role played by the food we eat in the construction, functioning and protection of our bodies. In other words, how making sensible food choices is the best way to protect your health.

To round off the tour, younger visitors are invited to play while putting into practice what they have learned during their visit. The GameRoom, designed as a point of exchange between the virtual educational platform and the physical Museum, is an augmented reality, multiplayer gaming area. This immersive space invites visitors to move around and experiment with notions picked up during their visit. In the Digestix game, visitors explore the mechanical and chemical functions of the organs of the alimentary canal. Meanwhile, Nutrix enables them to unravel the mysteries of the composition of food.