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A Museum to go?

Cultural activities are among the best cures for doom and gloom. What do we do though when everything is closed? Luckily, over the past few years, the Alimentarium has expanded its outreach online. We are now a portable Museum too, accessible anywhere, anytime (although with today’s pandemic, that’s most likely ‘at home’). Our online content will bring you some welcome respite. Try out these four layovers on your journey:

  • Our Collection: Hundreds of objects photographed at 360° allow you to dive into the lively and colourful history of food.

  • Our Magazine: Countless articles on food and nutrition written by top specialists bring something for everyone: society, science, arts, trends, traditions, debunking… it’s all there (well almost)! Plus our web series, one of which features our local star Philippe Ligron.

  • Our fact files: An invaluable resource for becoming food savvy! Read all about permaculture, Candlemas, unleavened bread, the gluten-free trend, organic farming labels and the Mediterranean diet… plus a plethora of other topics!

  • The Alimentarium Academy: Countless captivating courses for young and old on the key topics of food and nutrition, topped off with games and quizzes. A great way to learn, share… and have fun! Who doesn’t need some of that right now?