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What the Fork ?!
A chef as inspired as he is inspiring, a few anecdotes and a sprinkling of history, a splash of humour, and fresh seasonal produce are all ingredients for the 'What the Fork?!' videos.
What the Fork ?! 4 min. 05

Whether we like to break it, share it or nibble its crust, bread has been part of our diet since time immemorial. Meet an artisan baker and learn the tricks of kneading, fermenting and baking. All rise!

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What the Fork ?!
Ice Cream  5 min. 30
What the Fork ?!
Cheese 4 min 46
What the Fork ?!
Chocolate 4 min. 07
What the Fork ?!
Foie gras… guilt-free 3 min. 39
What the Fork ?!
Marinated fish 3 min 48
Web series
Alimentarium Explainer

When it comes to food and nutrition, it isn’t always easy to know what to believe. There is so much information out there, some of it contradictory. This is where our Explainer Videos come in! The catchy anecdotes in this series of entertaining films will unravel the clichés in less than 2 minutes!

11 videos
Web series
Garden Stories

The Alimentarium Garden is a story in itself. Secrets, anecdotes, tips and tricks will help you master the earth!

4 videos
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