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About the Foundation
The start of something new
With this online magazine the Alimentarium is taking the first step towards establishing a globally integrated platform.

Welcome to Alimentarium, our new online magazine! This first issue, titled “Pleasure”, marks the start of a brand-new adventure for the Alimentarium. In the coming months we will be adding interactive games and eLearning opportunities to the mix.

Founded by Nestlé Enterprises in 1985 and supported by it ever since, the Alimentarium Foundation can look back on a successful history. Over the years its attractive Museum in Vevey on beautiful Lake Geneva has become a trademark in its own right.

The goal of our new strategy is to create a cultural and educational institution.

As an established institution, the Alimentarium feels qualified to take the plunge into a future full of challenges. It wants to reinvent itself while maintaining the standards set at the Museum and continuing, from a global perspective, its focus on food and nutrition in the past, present and future. New digital media will play an important and consistent role in maximising the Alimentarium’s impact on the world.

The goal of our new strategy is to create an authentic digital, cultural and educational institution that revolves entirely around people and their nutrition by 2016. We are taking on this formidable task in several stages. After more than a year’s preparation we have now reached the first milestone with this new online magazine and an educational game on nutrition for children aged around ten. A gallery with 360-degree photos of 300 objects from the Museum’s collection is also under construction.

The second issue, titled “Rich and Poor”, will be available in late 2014. Around that time we will also present a novelty: a MOOC combined with a MOOG! A MOOC and a MOOG? Well, you might have heard of “Massive Open Online Courses” (MOOC). Derived from them is the concept of “Massive Open Online Games” (MOOG) or “serious games”, as they are called by our partner, the renowned École Polytechnique in Lausanne (EPFL). The Alimentarium has benefited from this institution’s proximity, as well as from the innovative ideas of Nestlé’s top management, an independent board of trustees, a highly motivated team and experienced partners.

With its new global emphasis, the Alimentarium is, as already mentioned, also reaching out to children and teens. Specially designed online games will provide the opportunity for learning-by-playing. This will be combined with state-of-the-art MOOCs that introduce the same topics to adults, particularly parents and teachers, albeit with other methods and in greater depth.

The Alimentarium will use cutting-edge media to create a kind of interactive “tool box”. Through exhibitions at the Museum in Vevey and a wide array of online offers, we hope to inspire thought-provoking discussions and broaden knowledge of the history of food and nutrition, and their cultural and economic effects.

We wish you all – big and small – fun and pleasure with our new Alimentarium magazine! The more we know about foods, the more we can enjoy them!

Andres Furger, Director of the Alimentarium (2011-July 2014).

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