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New at the Alimentarium!
A new visual identity for the Alimentarium
Lukas Wanner
©Lukas Wanner

Every identity deserves to be presented appropriately. The Alimentarium’s new visual identity is the logical progression of a move to refocus the establishment to become a competence and learning centre for all things food and nutrition. The transformation from a classic to a multifaceted physical and digital museum is the result of a readjustment process, intensive dialogue, reflection, and constructive cooperation between a wide variety of partners.


How did it come about?


Anyone daring to establish visual corporate identity is faced with a mammoth task, involving meticulous assessment of positioning, and examination of target groups and the market. The impact of communication channels on the overall image is put under the microscope and constantly questioned.

How the results are interpreted varies greatly. Like chalk and cheese. Every time. The key ultimately lies in the vision of “where the brand wants to go”, and the way its content and aesthetics are formulated. In the case of the Alimentarium, this has meant a comprehensive shift in focus, orchestrated through a relevant communication campaign.

The new face of the Alimentarium represents variety, presenting the new areas of the Museum competently and attractively. With fresh colours, an innovative logo, and a clear range of original pictograms and patterns, the new design reflects a passion for and an interest in nutrition and food.

The new identity revolves around the logo, which operates as a system rather than as a single element. A system in the truest sense of the word. It consists of various pictograms and is flexible in terms of composition, styling and colour schemes, enabling it to be adapted to relevant requirements and innovations, while still remaining extremely recognisable.

To help demonstrate this more simply, let’s turn to a metaphor from the world of food, the potato, which can be made into chips for children, cooked au gratin for adults or transformed into mashed potato for the family etc. The main ingredient is always the same, yet the taste and effect vary depending on individual preference and the context. The Alimentarium’s logo system is our potato, palatable to every target group, whether it be students, families, or experts in nutrition. To put it in other words, a chef has an idea, looks for the ingredients, invents a recipe, and adapts it to his guests. We have simulated this creative process visually. The new Alimentarium tastes different to each person. It is never the same, but always interesting.

The chosen colour scheme, the patterns featured and the imagery all underlie one single principle, enabling the visual identity to be applied flexibly and with an element of fun, at any time – whether for classic or new digital media. This versatility in the elements of the new identity also means a heterogeneous audience can be reached, allowing each individual to feel at home in the remodelled Alimentarium based on their own personal preferences and interests. It is a new universe which reduces wariness, breaks down barriers, acts as a source of inspiration and is waiting to be experienced and embraced.

Lukas Wanner
Zürich, Switzerland


Lukas Wanner is a brand designer and runs a design studio in Zürich. He drafts and creates brand profiles for businesses and products. He was raised in Bern and studied visual communication at the historic FHNW Academy of Art and Design in Basel. He spent 10 years working at creative agencies in Basel, Bern and Zürich, receiving several international design awards. Lukas Wanner is a member of the SGV (Association of Swiss Graphic Designers). 

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