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About the Foundation


Marlise Schläpfer Heilmann
Oberentfelden , Switzerland
Laureate of the Alimentarium short story competition Writing about food disgust
Marlise Schläpfer Heilmann grew up in eastern Switzerland. After time spent in various parts of Switzerland and Germany, she settled in Aargau, the home of her maternal ancestors. She has been writing letters and diaries ever since she learned how to write and now, since she retired, columns, short stories and autobiographical passages too. This is the first time she has entered a writing competition.
Estelle Trisconi
Lecturer, Doctor of Education Sciences
Laureate of the Alimentarium short story competition Writing about food disgust
Estelle Trisconi, a former journalist in the written press, is now a lecturer at the Haute école pédagogique du canton de Vaud and specialises in acquisition of learning. Originally from the canton of Valais, she is married and a content mother of three children. She likes to write from time to time, to tell stories.
Emmanuelle Ryser
Writer, writing workshop leader
Lausanne , Switzerland
Laureate of the Alimentarium short story competition Writing about food disgust
A journalist by profession and a diarist since childhood, Emmanuelle Ryser compiles diaries, travel diaries and notebooks of all kinds. Since 2013, she has been offering life stories and writing workshops under the banner E comme Ecriture. Her watchwords are ‘leaving a written record’ and ‘conveying’. In 2020, she published her first novel, Le Cake au citron.
Sabine Dormond
Writer and translator
Montreux , Switzerland
Winner of the Alimentarium short story competition Writing about food disgust.
Motivated by her passion for words since childhood, Sabine Dormond strives to pass on her enthusiasm via writing workshops and public readings. Inspired by the Oulipians, ten years ago she co-founded a group of authors called the Dissidents de la pleine lune.
Yann Bernardinelli
Yann Bernardinelli
Scientific editor, Doctor in neurosciences
Geneva , Switzerland
Yann Bernardinelli is an editor specialising in science and medicine. With a PhD in neurosciences, he applies his knowledge of biomedical research to the media and academic institutions. He collaborates LargeNetwork in Geneva and other agencies.
Jelena Ristic
Curator and Head of Collection
Vevey , Switzerland
After graduating in Humanities and Museology, since 2017, Jelena Ristic has worked as the curator in charge of the Alimentarium collection.
Antonio Rosati
Geneva , Switzerland
Journalist and project manager at the Geneva-based LargeNetwork agency, Antonio Rosati focuses on topics related to food, luxury products, and economics. Passionate about new technologies, he holds a Master's degree in Communications specialising in semiotics.
Nicolas Godinot
Nicolas Godinot
Curator of Natural Sciences
Vevey , Switzerland
Nicolas Godinot is Curator of Natural Sciences and Head of Content at the Alimentarium. Throughout his PhD in Neurosciences and 15 years of multidisciplinary research, his favourite expression has always been... "That’s funny!”