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Dis-moi quel est ton ADN, je te dirai que manger…

Anaïs Bozino, INRA, 20.04.2018

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infoHAFL, Actualités

Haute école des sciences agronomiques, forestières et alimentaires, 04.2018

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Gastronomie : l’histoire d’une exception française

Les cahiers de Science & Vie, n° 171, 07.2017

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Nutrition and Health in the Health Resorts of the USSR, 1917–1953

Food & History, vol. 14, n° 1, 2017

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Characterization of some potential medicinal plants from Central Europe (...)

Food Bioscience, vol. 20, 12.2017

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The Case of Phytochemical Composition of Commercial Pomegranate-Based Products

Journal of Food Science, vol. 82, n° 8, 20.06.2017

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Ce que mangent les villes

Urbanités, n° 10, 04.2018

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Fettleber durch Fleisch

Zentrum der Gesundheit, 23.08.2017

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