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Bouddhisme : les coutumes alimentaires et vestimentaires, France TV , 2016

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Eating Knowledge: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Food Information, Communication and Education

University of Lille, France, 06-07.12.2018

Food and Power

Dublin Gastronomy Symposium, 29-30.05.2018

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Programmes alimentation/activité physique en France et en Europe

Colloque, Paris, 26.10.2017, 9h-18h

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Ce que mangent les villes

Urbanités, n° 10, 04.2018

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Food Cultures and Territories

Anthropology of food, n°11, 2016

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Migration, food practices and social relations

Anthropology of food, n°7, 2010

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Migration - The key role of agriculture and rural development

FAO, 2016

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