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The Alimentarium’s expertise lies at your fingertips! Our factsheets are grouped by theme or topic of interest and compose a true online encyclopedia of food and nutrition.

Eggs and cholesterol

Are eggs good for your health?

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Organic farming

Organic farming, a food production system of the past for a bright future

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Intensive farming

The intensification of farming: increasing productivity to meet a growing need for food

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Eve and the forbidden fruit

Was it an apple?

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Eggs as a symbol of mourning

Of grief and the cycle of life

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Food safety

Food safety, a major issue

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Pomegranate, miracle fruit

Symbol of fertility, religious and secular power

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Eggs as a symbol of life

From the source of new life to an Easter ornament

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Alcohol and religion

An offering to the gods, a promise of heaven, or communicating with ancestors: the many facets of alcoholic drinks

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