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The Alimentarium’s expertise lies at your fingertips! Our factsheets are grouped by theme or topic of interest and compose a true online encyclopedia of food and nutrition.

The potato, its vices and its virtues

The long conquest of the ‘poor’ potato

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The sin of gluttony

A sin for sure, but such a delicious one

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Tea, a source of longevity

One of humanity’s oldest drinks highly valued by monks, exalted by poets and recommended by doctors

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Fear of others, fear of their food

Curiosity and fantasy, but anxiety, revulsion and phobia too. Why such reactions?

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Eggs in Hinduism

Eggs in India: from the origin of the universe to a source of protein

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Insects: hardly a favourite in Western Europe

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Pets as food

Rabbits, guinea pigs, dogs, cats: cuddly toys or food on our plates

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The bitter success of coffee

A beverage with numerous benefits, but to be consumed in moderation

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The apple of discord and beauty

Wholesome or harmful, an irresistible fruit!

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