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The Alimentarium’s expertise lies at your fingertips! Our factsheets are grouped by theme or topic of interest and compose a true online encyclopedia of food and nutrition.

Candlemas, a festival of lights

Light as a harbinger of good fortune

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Unleavened bread

Yeast-free bread

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Is a gluten-free diet, necessary or futile?

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A system for creating sustainable societies

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The Mediterranean diet

High in vegetables, herbs, fruit, pulses, walnuts and olive oil, a sun-kissed diet that has travelled the world

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The DASH and MIND diets

DASH and MIND: adaptations of the Mediterranean diet with a focus on cardiovascular and mental health

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The Atkins and Dukan diets

Atkins and Dukan: two promoters of high-protein, low-carbohydrate diets

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Integrated farming and sustainable farming

Integrated farming, a system combining cultivation methods with natural and chemical pest control

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Organic farming labels

Organic labels: guarantees of quality that are complicated for consumers and expensive for producers

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