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About the Foundation

Jelena Ristic

Curator and Head of Collection
After graduating in Humanities and Museology, since 2017, Jelena Ristic has worked as the curator in charge of the Alimentarium collection.
3 articles
27.05.2021 Jelena Ristic
The Animal Liberation Front, Allies for Liberation, and Animal Rebellion are just some of the resistance movements that call for action to end the exploitation of animals...
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26.05.2021 Jelena Ristic
The word ‘vegan’ is a recent invention. However, many people have refrained from eating animal products, since the dawn of humankind…
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Œuf, avocat, poisson gras, noix… La diète cétogène ne donne pas dans le light, au contraire ! ©Shutterstock/George Dolgikh
27.09.2019 Jelena Ristic

The craze for the ketogenic diet has now gone global. However, its credo “sugar is dead, long live fat” seems partly counterintuitive.

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