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Jean-Pierre Tutrone

Jean-Pierre Tutrone graduated from the Université de Neuchâtel in vertebrate eco-ethology and plant ecology. He has applied his knowledge to several fields (labwork, databases, creating exhibitions for museums, popularisation of scientific information, etc.). He is particularly interested in the environment, but is also fascinated by a variety of other subjects related to history, science or new technologies.
2 articles
En cuisine, contrairement aux apparences, la maladresse n’est pas toujours mauvaise conseillère…
22.01.2019 Jean-Pierre Tutrone
Culinary mistakes aren’t always a disaster and may accidentally result in the creation of new recipes that prove to be a huge success.
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02.10.2018 Jean-Pierre Tutrone
Technology and concerns for health and the environment are set to bring major changes to jobs in food production. Here’s how.
7 min. 2 comments
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