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Hannes Grassegger

Journalist, Author, Editor

Hannes Grassegger studied economics in Berlin und Zurich. He is now not only head editor of REPORTAGEN magazine, but also writes for the Süddeutsche Zeitung Magazin, Die Zeit and Das Magazin.

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15.11.2014 Hannes Grassegger
Hu Fang, star of the Chinese art world, is cultivating a small field of vegetables in the middle of the gigantic industrial sprawl of the Pearl River Delta. Here, where China’s capitalist experiment began, he wants to achieve a new understanding of the land from the ground up. The fruits of his garden are visions of the future of Chinese society – ways of escaping predatory capitalism and the increasing contamination of the soil.
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29.01.2014 Hannes Grassegger

Aquaponic units are perched atop the roofs of Beijing like small UFOs. Dome-shaped, they are for growing fish and vegetables using a water-cycling system.

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29.01.2014 Hannes Grassegger
In China people commonly greet each other with a question: “Have you eaten already?” Drawn-out multicourse meals are an important part of daily life. But foods are becoming increasingly contaminated. A visit to the Zhang family in the heart of Shanghai shows how people are coping.
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