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Yamy and the Food Pyramid

Yamy, a small greedy monster, gobbles up everything in his path. Help him eat properly so that he gets a balanced diet and stays fit and healthy!

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The game “Yamy and the Food Pyramid” is designed for children between eight and twelve years of age. In the game, they direct a little monster with an insatiable appetite who loves to eat everything that crosses his path. Feeding the monster a healthy diet means he can’t have too much or too little to eat. Furthermore, players have to make sure he gets a varied diet.

The game is based on real calorie counts and scientific dietary recommendations for children of this age.

The game teaches children about the energy value of foods and the healthy composition of a food pyramid.

Learning goals

The game helps children to learn the following ideas and their importance for proper nutrition:

  • Food gives the body energy.
  • Different foods provide different amounts of energy.
  • Calories are a way to measure the energy value of foods.
  • Foods contain various nutrients.
  • Humans require a certain mix of nutrients for a balanced diet.
  • The body consumes energy through activity and exercise.
  • Too much or too little food impairs mental and physical performance.
  • It’s fun to pay attention to one’s own energy balance.