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A fresh focus on food

Animation un autre regard sur l'alimentation
Take a moment to relish our fascinating demonstrations on food and nutrition in the Salle Nestlé on the 1st floor of the Museum.

With a host of knowledge, a sprig of science and a sprinkling of history, all seasoned with anecdotes, our experts will explain amazing experiments sure to engage the inquisitive minds of one and all!

Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon from 14:00 onward (each demonstration lasts around 20 minutes).


Natural food colourings, from 8 November to 8 January

Iconic beverages, from 10 January to 5 March

Salt, from 7 March to 6 May

The fat in our food, May, June

Sorbets, July, August 

Food fraud, September, October

All about carbohydrates, November, December