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A fresh focus on food

Take a moment to relish our fascinating demonstrations on food and nutrition in the various sectors of the exhibition. 

Animation un autre regard sur l'alimentation

With a host of knowledge, a sprig of science and a sprinkling of history, all seasoned with anecdotes, our experts will explain amazing experiments sure to engage the inquisitive minds of one and all!

Every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon from 14:15 to 16:30  (demonstrations last around 20 minutes and are in French only).

Topics in 2020

From 23 May to 28 June: Exploring your sensorium 
Our five senses are fundamental in our diet: One of their roles is to help us avoid contamination, as rotten food has an offensive odour and taste. Just think of the faces we pull! What foodstuffs bring about such a reaction and why?

From 1 July to 20 September: Eating colourfully: A challenge at times?!? 
The colour of food plays an important role in our eating habits. The colour red is apparently the most enticing, whereas blue is the rarest and the most unnatural colour in food, hence it is not very tempting. Which colour(s) do you like on your plate?

From 3 October to 30 December: Meat, offal, sticky and fatty 
Some of the foodstuffs highly revered in the past are now bad-mouthed and are causing a lot of upheaval in society, without us realising it. Let’s try to understand this backtracking and question our phobias and the things we loathe.