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Diana Danko

Author and photographer

A graduate in geography from the University of Lausanne, Diana Danko has been working as a freelance photographer and author since 2015. She prefers reporting techniques and shots in natural light. When not busy with her pen or camera, she likes taking time to drink tea, dance and smile at life.

17 articles
13.02.2017 Diana Danko
Remnants of the communist era, today’s Polish milk bars serve all levels of society, from the poorest to the wealthiest members of the population. They have also become extremely trendy.
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10.01.2017 Diana Danko
During the 1990s, Philippe Geslin further expanded anthropotechnology, a social science research discipline that endeavours to resolve problems raised by the transfer of technologies to an environment for which they were not originally intended.
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19.12.2016 Diana Danko
In Japan, families share traditional New Year food over three days. The dishes are presented in a magnificent lacquered box and are heavily symbolic, promising good health, wealth and academic success.
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21.11.2016 Diana Danko
In our collective imagination, brightly coloured, spicy or even fiery chilli peppers evoke faraway lands and their exotic flavours. They have been incorporated so well into so many culinary traditions that it is far from easy to guess their origin. Thailand? Mexico? Cameroon? Or perhaps India?
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10.10.2016 Diana Danko
Over the course of almost a century of colonisation between 1862 and 1954, the French had a strong influence on Vietnamese cuisine.
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