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Diana Danko

Author and photographer

A graduate in geography from the University of Lausanne, Diana Danko has been working as a freelance photographer and author since 2015. She prefers reporting techniques and shots in natural light. When not busy with her pen or camera, she likes taking time to drink tea, dance and smile at life.

17 articles
Avec son goût caractéristique, le panettone ramène bien des gourmands aux Noëls de leur enfance.
26.11.2018 Diana Danko
This light and airy dome-shaped loaf cake is an inimitable sweet treat at Christmastime.
4 min. 1 comment
Une épice rare dont la production suppose une abondante main-d’œuvre
17.07.2018 Diana Danko
Scientists have now confirmed some of the beneficial properties of saffron, whether used as a dye, perfume, remedy or spice.
7 min. 1 comment
La grenade, une fête pour les yeux et les papilles
16.04.2018 Diana Danko
Pomegranates accompanied humans as they travelled across the globe, gaining a reputation as a highly appreciated foodstuff and an effective remedy. A short history of a fruity companion.
5 min. 1 comment
Is plastic food wrapping excessive?
24.01.2018 Diana Danko
A review of tips and tricks from around the world to re-use peelings, recycle leftovers and reduce packaging
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25.09.2017 Diana Danko
Nowadays, logos and other schemes promoting plant-based food are springing up everywhere. How can we reconcile our choices with a well-balanced diet?
6 min. 1 comment
26.07.2017 Diana Danko
Taking full advantage of the popularity of barbecues, the pulled-pork trend shows no sign of slowing down. Fast-food outlets have been quick to jump on the bandwagon.
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