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Denis Rohrer


Denis Rohrer was Curator and Head of Collection and Humanities research at the Alimentarium from 2007 until the end of 2016.

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31.05.2016 Denis Rohrer
The Alimentarium collection is a true heritage asset, comprising some 10 000 objects relating to all stages of the human diet. They have been acquired, preserved and put on display to bear witness to the history and methods of producing, processing, selling, preparing and consuming our food.
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29.10.2015 Denis Rohrer
Like anywhere in the world, Africa is currently experiencing a change in tastes, with sweet taking precedence over bitter, which is becoming less and less popular. This general trend can also be seen in Madagascar. Luckily however, there are still plenty of traditional Madagascan specialities to discover.
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04.10.2014 Denis Rohrer
The power held by those with the knowhow to preserve food has rarely been investigated. For centuries, hunger stoked fear of shortage(2) and such fear could serve as a means of subjugation. The spread of democracy in the West ultimately brought ample reserves.
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29.01.2014 Denis Rohrer
The land of Cockaigne is a medieval creation, a fairy-tale paradise first mentioned in a text from 1250.
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