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A fresh focus on food

Animation un autre regard sur l'alimentation
Take a moment to relish our fascinating demonstrations on food and nutrition in the various sectors of the exhibition.

With a host of knowledge, a sprig of science and a sprinkling of history, all seasoned with anecdotes, our experts will explain amazing experiments sure to engage the inquisitive minds of one and all!

Every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon from 14:00 to 16:15  (demonstrations last around 20 minutes and are in French only).


From 7 August to 7 October - Preserves – The story of glass jars 
One face, one name, that of Nicolas Appert, the inventor of the process using heat to preserve food. Not forgetting all the 20th-century housewives who mastered canning to overcome the seasonality of fruit and vegetables.

From 9 October 2018 to 12 December 2018 - Meat and sausages 
Sausages are a perfect blend of expertise, regional specialities and history. Mincing, seasoning and filling a casing are three simple actions that form the basis of more than 400 specialities in Switzerland alone.

From 15 December to 15 January - From cocoa beans to chocolate 
Throughout the chain from farmers to chocolatiers, expertise is constantly evolving for cocoa to continue to titillate our taste buds.

From 15 January 2019: A baker’s tips and tricks

Why does yeast make bread rise? What is the difference between baking powder and baker’s yeast? In just a few minutes, you can learn all about raising agents.