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A fresh focus on food

Animation un autre regard sur l'alimentation
Take a moment to relish our fascinating demonstrations on food and nutrition in the various sectors of the exhibition.

With a host of knowledge, a sprig of science and a sprinkling of history, all seasoned with anecdotes, our experts will explain amazing experiments sure to engage the inquisitive minds of one and all!

Every Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon from 14:00 to 16:15  (demonstrations last around 20 minutes and are in French only).


From 13 January to the 31 March: A baker’s tips and tricks

Why does yeast make bread rise? What is the difference between baking powder and baker’s yeast? In just a few minutes, you can learn all about raising agents.

From 3 April to 2 June: Coffee or hot chocolate?

Discover how the consumption of these two key beverages evolved through time in various parts of the world to become our favourites when we’re on the go!

From 5 June to 1 September: Sorbet and ice cream of days gone by

See how to make sorbet and ice cream in the traditional way. You’ll be a pro on the physics of refrigeration!

From 4 September to 3 November: Fishing for food

Freshwater and saltwater fish are staple food for many of us and people have always found resourceful ways of catching them. You’ll see, our guides know a few tricks...