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Visual arts: Your artwork in the Museum!
What if your own work of art went on display in the Museum in 2019?
call for participation
We are inviting the public at large to create sculptures of aquatic animals out of recycled plastic: PET bottles, milk bottles, onion nets, vegetable trays, straws, beakers, bags, bottle tops, cling film, nylon string… anything goes!

By giving plastic a second life as a means of expression, this event aims to combine the pleasure of artistic creation with raising awareness of environmental emergencies.

Who? Participation is open to any individual or group of people, with no age restrictions.
When? Artwork to be brought to the Museum from May onwards. Start of the exhibition: 1 October 2019
Where? The Alimentarium, during the Museum’s opening hours. Online participation possible via Instagram. See the conditions for participation for more details.
How? One submission per participant.

For the practical details, please read the Conditions for participation.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at with PeoplesArtAlimentarium in the subject line of your email.

Many thanks in advance. We look forward to receiving your creations!

The Alimentarium Team

Our call for participation is linked with our focus on fishing

From October, we will exhibit Aboriginal artists’ sculptures created with ghost nets retrieved from the sea. These works of art question, among other things, our own consumption patterns as the use of non-recyclable plastics raises environmental concerns that nobody can ignore. We thus wish to show that, although some communities are more affected than others, such issues concern us all each and every day, and we must all take responsibility. This call to participation invites everyone to respond to these sculptures with due respect in true participatory community spirit and address the issue. 

This document details the regulations of the event, hereafter referred to as the “Regulations”. It may be supplemented and/or modified at any moment during the event, and any additional clause will come into effect solely because it has been published by the Alimentarium.


As soon as a participant submits their artwork, they are expected to have read, understood and accepted, without reservation, the Regulations in their entirety, including the article on personal data.

All the enclosed documents are made available and are accessible to every user and participant for the duration of the event. Users and participants are required to make a backup copy and/or print all the enclosed texts in order to be able to refer to them if necessary.

Aim of the event: To create a participatory temporary exhibition.

Topic: Unique and original creations of aquatic animals as a means of artistic expression, recycling plastic waste and drawing attention to environmental issues.

Materials: Plastic food packaging (e.g. PET bottles, milk bottles, onion nets, vegetable trays, straws, beakers, bags, bottle tops, cling film, nylon string, etc.). The use of aluminium wire or iron wire is accepted.

‘Artwork’ and ‘work of art’ mean a unique and original creation that complies strictly with the criteria of the topic and the materials detailed above. It may comprise a single element or several separate elements constituting a coherent whole.

‘Participant’ means a private individual or a group of people wishing to create a piece of artwork together (school class, group of friends, family, etc.). Participation is open to everyone, with no age restrictions or obligation to purchase.

When submitting a work of art, the participant unconditionally agrees to all conditions of participation in full. The participant may only submit one piece of artwork.

As a gesture of thanks, the participant will be eligible for a free individual and non-transferable admission ticket, valid for one visit to the exhibition from 1 October 2019 and until the removal of their artwork. This ticket is to be claimed directly from the Museum Welcome Desk. This admission voucher cannot be converted into cash. Accompanying persons pay the full price for their admission. In addition to the admission ticket, at the end of the exhibition the participant will receive a digital certificate by email confirming their creation was displayed at the Alimentarium. This clause is valid only for physical submissions displayed in the exhibition area.

Physical submissions are accepted during the Museum’s opening hours. Participants must bring their artwork to the Museum Welcome Desk themselves. If they are unable to do so, they can participate online by posting their artwork and a short text about it on social media, along with the hashtag #PeoplesArtAlimentarium. Audiovisual, visual and editorial contributions must not contain any element that may be contrary to laws and moral standards and, in particular, which may be offensive towards human beings and/or animals.

The Alimentarium will photograph exhibited artwork and post the photographs on the Alimentarium’s social network accounts using the hashtag #PeoplesArtAlimentarium.

The participant must collect their artwork when notified to do so by the Alimentarium, at the end of the current annual theme at the latest. Upon receipt of this notification, the participant has two weeks to collect their artwork from the Museum. Once this period has expired, the Alimentarium reserves the right to dispose of the artwork without any further formalities.

The artwork will be treated with all due care and attention, but will not be insured. The Alimentarium accepts no responsibility for any accidents, deterioration or damage caused.

The Alimentarium reserves the right to choose where to display the artwork in the exhibition area. Depending on the number of submissions, it may be necessary to alternate the artwork on display. If this is the case, participants will be notified accordingly.

To ensure the event runs smoothly and that all participants can be contacted, the participant must provide their full name (or name of the collective), age, location, and a valid email address. In the case of a collective participation, the email address of the contact person is required.

If the artwork is judged to be unsuitable (size, fragility, quality, etc.), the Alimentarium reserves the right not to display it.

The participant agrees that, by taking part in this event, their personal data may be collected and processed by the Alimentarium and/or specially appointed partner companies pursuant to the Swiss Federal Data Protection Act. The conditions of use of personal data by the Alimentarium can be consulted on the Alimentarium website.

A small label alongside each piece of artwork on display will indicate the title of the work (if provided), the first name of the participant (or the collective), age(s), location, hashtag #PeoplesArtAlimentarium

Durant l’exposition, chaque œuvre sera labélisée au moyen d’un petit cartel mentionnant : le titre de l’œuvre (si fourni), le prénom du participant (ou du collectif), âge(s), lieu, hashtag #PeoplesArtAlimentarium

The Alimentarium reserves the right to refuse artwork or remove it from the exhibition at any moment, without giving justification for its decision.

All photographs taken by the Alimentarium and shared on media channels and the internet remain the property of the Alimentarium.

The participant has the right to change their mind and request the withdrawal of their artwork from the exhibition at any moment and without needing to justify their decision. The Alimentarium will remove the piece in question.

The participant agrees not take on the identity of a third party and not to use a false name.

The artwork remains the intellectual property of the participant.

The participant declares they are the author of the contribution they publish on the website, that they have not transferred the right to exploit it on exclusive or non-exclusive terms to any third party and that they release the Alimentarium from any claim or any demand bearing on the tangible and/or intangible ownership of the contribution.

Furthermore, the participant certifies they hold all the rights required for its publication, in particular in the event that third parties are displayed. The Alimentarium can in no way be held liable for any infringement of rights belonging to third parties of whose existence and quality it is unaware.

The Alimentarium reserves the right to cut short, extend, modify or cancel all or part of the event, without notice. In this instance, it cannot be held liable and no compensation may be claimed.

The Alimentarium cannot be held liable for:

  • connection, network or equipment issues which may limit, slow down or disrupt connections, telephones, telephone lines, telephone systems, website or Internet traffic;
  • technical or mechanical malfunction;
  • any form of hard drive or software malfunction;
  • any other malfunction;
  • errors caused by equipment, programming, human error or errors caused by any other reason;
  • damage caused to the computer owned by the participant or by any other individual and arising from participation in this event;
  • publication of the artwork on social media by visitors to the Museum, on accounts other than those run by the Alimentarium.

Should a dispute arise regarding the interpretation or application of the conditions of participation, an amicable solution will be sought. In the event that no amicable solution is reached, the French version of this document is legally binding and Vevey is the competent place of jurisdiction. Swiss law is applicable.

Vevey, April 2019