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Annabelle Peringer


Annabelle is an archeologist and a historian of antiquity. Since 2008, she has collaborated with several Swiss media and companies, including 24 heures, and Coopération, both as a writer and specialist in digital communication. She was Chief Editor of the Alimentarium eMagazine from 2014 until 2017.

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03.10.2016 Annabelle Peringer
Once a month, from June to October, the Alimentarium’s 'Garden plot to gourmet palate' workshop invites you to explore the flavours of its garden.
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30.05.2016 Annabelle Peringer
Founded in 1985, the Museum is reinventing itself yet again and now offers information and activities both in the Museum itself as well as worldwide over the internet.
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30.09.2015 Annabelle Peringer
Nature hands us a whole spectrum of rich and varied colours, literally on our plates! Not only do we eat pigments and molecules, but we use some of them as colouring agents. Red, yellow, pink and green are just some of the rainbow of colours in our food.
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©Anne-Laure Lechat_2014.png
27.04.2015 Annabelle Peringer
Presented in one single display cabinet that stretches along an entire section of wall in the Espace Lait area at the Alimentarium until August 2015, a multitude of feeding bottles collected by Professor Rossi (1915–1998) take you on a journey through history, from ancient times to modern day, to discover how newborns have been fed during the first few months of their lives.
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