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Andreas Kohli

Designer, Lecturer

Photo: Sebastian Kusenberg, Berlin

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15.11.2014 Andreas Kohli

In the Indian city of Delhi, the Sikh community serves thousands of free meals a day.

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15.11.2014 Andreas Kohli
Malnutrition is one of the most alarming consequences of poverty and social inequality. Some people don’t have enough to eat, while others throw half their food away. The UN calls hunger the world’s “greatest solvable problem”. What solutions does agricultural research have to offer? According to ETH professor Nina Buchmann, a variety of approaches are necessary to eliminate world hunger. 
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15.11.2014 Andreas Kohli
We need to do some rethinking if we are to overcome the problem of world hunger. Al Imfeld argues in favour of ditching taboos worldwide and overcoming rigid attitudes.
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02.05.2014 Andreas Kohli

Designer Marije Vogelzang works with food. She does not create new products, but unusual eating situations.

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29.01.2014 Andreas Kohli

Project participants are not only growing 500 different types of herbs and vegetables, but also developing urban space. Prinzessinnengarten is a laboratory for coexistence.

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26.02.2014 Andreas Kohli

A passion for cooking and eating can be a great way to get to know people and learn their stories. Photographer Sylvan Müller presents such encounters in his work. Extensive research is necessary to ensure that the aesthetics are just right, the stories come to life and the books have bestseller potential.

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