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The Alimentarium presents the fruit of work by a multidisciplinary team of curators, education and cultural mediators, guides and chefs, each adding their own flavour.

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17.12.2015 The Alimentarium Team
Chocolate is the delicious result of the transformation of cocoa beans found in the fruit of the cacao tree. Chocolate has its origins in the sacred world of the Mayans and, before becoming a confectionery product, was consumed as a drink offering a host of benefits.
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25.11.2015 The Alimentarium Team
Frozen delicacies are not a modern invention: the first iced desserts appeared in China in 3000 BCE, while the first sorbet machines arrived on the market in 1872.
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07.12.2015 The Alimentarium Team
As a small country situated at the heart of Europe, Switzerland is renowned across the world for its chocolate and cheeses named after regions or Alpine valleys: Gruyère, Emmental, Tilsit, Vacherin fribourgeois and Schabziger. The country comprises 26 states offering a wide range of culinary specialities with a multitude of influences.
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25.11.2015 The Alimentarium Team
A string of islands in the Pacific Ocean, with their blue lagoons and fine sandy beaches under palm trees, the Polynesian islands offer a South Sea paradise. Their name comes from Greek and means "many islands", one of the three regions that make up Oceania and include the Samoa Islands, Tonga and French Polynesia and thus Tahiti and Bora-Bora.
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29.10.2015 The Alimentarium Team
Sugars are part of our everyday lives and are our main source of energy. Sometimes referred to as carbohydrates, they can either be simple or complex, such as the starch contained in bananas.
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