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Alimentarium Explainers

When it comes to food and nutrition, it isn’t always easy to know what to believe. There is so much information out there, some of it contradictory. This is where our Explainer Videos come in! The catchy anecdotes in this series of entertaining films will unravel the clichés in less than 2 minutes!

Globetrotting grape pickers around the world in 365 days!

According to a French proverb, once the wine is open, we should drink it! Before that though, once the grapes are ripe, they need to be picked! This video is a vintage crop...


Magnificent culinary mishaps

For the clumsy and absent-minded cooks among you, never fear, some of the greatest mishaps have resulted in delicious inventions! Si non è vero, et ben trovato! 


Is our Microbiota telling us what to eat? 

Freud was the first to suggest that our subconscious plays an important role in our psyche and “the ego” is not master in its own house. Now it seems that tiny little organisms could give credence to this Freudian assumption! It may well be that the billions of bacteria in our intestines influence our mood, our social behaviour and our food choices…


Thanksgiving - An emblematic national holiday in the United States

Or who was the first American president to pardon a turkey? Give thanks to our autumnal Explainer video, which reveals everything about this national holiday etched in the American collective memory.


Pesticides in organic produce?!

Many consumers suppose that since organic food is grown with respect for nature, it’s pesticide-free. But things aren’t actually that straightforward…


Sweets on prescription ?

For those of you with a sweet tooth, be warned! Our new Explainer Sweets on prescription? will probably only make it worse. Did you know that sugar was once believed to have healing powers? Imagine eating sweets on doctor’s orders… 


Lactose-free milk

Do you digest milk easily? Congratulations, you’re a mutant! If not, fermented milk may be a solution. 

Valentine’s Day and chocolate: A shy start

How did chocolate become the traditional gift between lovers?

Pleasure bomb
The turbulent and impassioned discovery of drinking chocolate
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Cocoa and chocolate
From bean to bar
More information

The history of chocolate
Everyone loves chocolate – and we know why
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Chocolate in Europe
Variations and innovations in drinking chocolate
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Chocolate today
Nowadays chocolate beverages may be less enticing, yet they are just as delicious and fortifying
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Scientific demonstration
Cocoa and chocolate : from bean to bar


Fermentation: Delectable rot ?

Fermented drinks
Debatable virtues
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Superfood: An elixir of longevity or a marketing tool?

Find out all about superfood, full of antioxidants, whether from faraway or on your doorstep!

A fast-growing trend
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Blackberries, a natural remedy with a delicate flavour
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Bilberries, natural functional food
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Pomegranate, miracle fruit
Symbol of fertility, religious and secular power
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Cocoa and chocolate
From bean to bar
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DETOX. Nutrition - What do you believe?
Temporary exhibition at the Alimentarium: 18 May 2014 thru 23 August 2015.
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From yellow to orange, carrots come in a variety of tastes and colours.
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Golden rice: Fool’s gold?

At first glance, golden rice, a GMO for humanitarian use, seems hardly questionable. Yet Greenpeace is not giving up. Petty accusation or cause for real concern?

Rice, one of the first cereals consumed by humans
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Rice sickle
Blackberries, a natural remedy with a delicate flavour
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The history of arable farming
Evolution of arable farming since Neolithic times
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Arable farming techniques
Crop cultivation: farm machinery on parade
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Of Indonesian origin, this deep spoon is generally used for serving rice.
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Definition of a GMO
GMO, a generic term covering a wide range of techniques
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The benefits and risks of GMOs
GMOs, used more and more, yet still criticised
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