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Alimentarium Academy

Teaching, learning, sharing... having fun. Discover the first online educational platform devoted to food and nutrition.


Alimentarium Academy reflects a desire to share our knowledge and expertise on issues related to food and nutrition.


With 30 years of expertise in food and nutrition, we are committed to constantly reaching more and reaching deeper by offering an extensive range of free and innovative content: themed courses, videos prepared by experts, educational games, quizzes, mobile apps, etc.

For whom?

A fantastic tool designed for teachers, children between the ages of 8 and 16, and adults, the Academy offers specific content tailored to its audience.


The Academy, a bonus for everyone...

  • Enrich your programme with content created by experts;
  • Together with your pupils, develop a new way of learning and track their progress in real time;
  • Access MOOCs and themed courses;
  • Exchange with teachers around the world.

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  • Games for homework! Digestix, Nutrix, Tubix... prove you are stronger than your rivals;
  • Challenge your parents and try to outdo them! The Alimentarium Quiz is a fun-filled app for the whole family.

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  • Improve your knowledge of food and nutrition;
  • Check your progress with themed quizzes;
  • Pick up some tips on how to encourage your children and give them a hand;
  • Much more content just waiting to be discovered...

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