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Mornings in the JuniorAcademy (schools)

Matinées JuniorAcademy
Explore flavours and share culinary experiences through educational games and cookery workshops.

Where pupils set out to discover different kinds of food by preparing a full meal which they then eat together.

Split into two groups, the pupils spend a hands-on morning full of surprises: While some concoct a recipe with our chefs, the others improve their knowledge of food and nutrition in our themed interactive discovery areas, supervised by their teacher. Then, the two groups swap over giving each child the chance to prepare their own dish. At lunch time, everyone gets together around the table to share the meal, the highlight of a fun-packed morning.​


Times: Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 9:15 to 12:45
Price: fixed price of CHF 360.00 for 24 participants + 2 accompanying adults
Age: 6-12 years

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Please arrive 15 minutes before the start of each workshop. ​Online reservation essential. ​

New: The Mornings in the JuniorAcademy workshops now follow the PER curriculum!

From January 2019, the morning workshops for school groups will offer the choice of four topics in line with the PER curriculum (Plan d’Études Romand). These new topics allow pupils to put the basic concepts of nutrition education seen in class into practice, hands-on while having fun. Teachers choose the topic of the workshop when making the booking:

Set off on a journey through Asia, home to many tastes and flavours! Pupils will learn all about the 5 basic tastes: sweet, salty, bitter, sour and umami. Our chefs will also guide them as they explore the subtleties of exotic fruit and plants, different varieties of rice and their history. A magnificent journey for both the mind and stomach!
What exactly does responsible consumption mean? Why should we consume food in season? How can we limit waste? Should we eat organic produce? Why should we favour locally produced food? These are just some of the questions addressed over the course of the morning, raising pupils’ awareness of the impact our food choices have on the world around us. 

Pupils, under the responsibility of their teacher and accompanied by one of our staff, will visit the greengrocer’s Côté Potager (50 metres from the Alimentarium, on the same side of the road). 
This is an enlightening and educational outing to select quality local produce as ingredients for the meal.
If the school refuses this short excursion, the children can continue to enjoy the JuniorAcademy games area.
How about rediscovering recipes from Ancient Rome, a hotspot for gastronomy? Pupils set off in Apicius’, Lucullus’ and their disciples’ footsteps to recreate the culinary heritage of this period of history. A journey back in time and through the seasons, discovering Roman eateries, from the thermopolium to the tricilinium.
To function correctly, our bodies need nutrients found in food. But which ones? What is a ‘balanced diet’ and how do we make sure our own diet is balanced? Pupils have fun rediscovering the food pyramid, learning all about hidden sugars and fats and exploring how the colour of food influences us. A muscly programme all round!